configure: improve libmfx deprecation warning

The libmfx deprecation warning tells you to build against libmfx 1.x,
but the actual solution is to use --enable-libvpl instead of using
--enable-libmfx. Update the warning message to reflect this.

Signed-off-by: Leo Izen <leo.izen@gmail.com>
This commit is contained in:
Leo Izen 2023-10-06 08:59:25 -04:00
parent 66908a43e2
commit 1e888462a1
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configure vendored
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@ -6740,8 +6740,7 @@ elif enabled libmfx; then
{ require libmfx "mfxvideo.h mfxdefs.h" MFXInit "-llibmfx $advapi32_extralibs" &&
{ test_cpp_condition mfxdefs.h "MFX_VERSION >= 1028 && MFX_VERSION < 2000" || die "ERROR: libmfx version must be >= 1.28 and < 2.0"; } &&
warn "using libmfx without pkg-config"; } } &&
warn "build FFmpeg against libmfx 1.x, obsolete features of libmfx such as OPAQUE memory,\n"\
"multi-frame encode, user plugins and LA_EXT rate control mode are enabled"
warn "libmfx is deprecated. Please run configure with --enable-libvpl to use libvpl instead."
elif enabled libvpl; then
# Consider pkg-config only. The name of libmfx is still passed to check_pkg_config function for --enable-libvpl option
# because QSV has dependency on libmfx, we can use the same dependency if using libmfx in this check. The package name