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configure: correct lensfun header function check

The function lf_db_new was deprecated in lensfun 09dcd3e7ad in 2017
in favour of lf_db_create. The AVfilter was adjusted in 8b78eb312d
but the configure check wasn't changed.

lensfun removed lf_db_new declaration in lf 35c0017593 so configure
fails to find lensfun.
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Gyan Doshi 2023-12-31 12:44:20 +05:30
parent b95ee2ec5f
commit e1c1dc8347
1 changed files with 1 additions and 1 deletions

configure vendored
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@ -6776,7 +6776,7 @@ enabled libjxl && require_pkg_config libjxl "libjxl >= 0.7.0" jxl/dec
require_pkg_config libjxl_threads "libjxl_threads >= 0.7.0" jxl/thread_parallel_runner.h JxlThreadParallelRunner
enabled libklvanc && require libklvanc libklvanc/vanc.h klvanc_context_create -lklvanc
enabled libkvazaar && require_pkg_config libkvazaar "kvazaar >= 2.0.0" kvazaar.h kvz_api_get
enabled liblensfun && require_pkg_config liblensfun lensfun lensfun.h lf_db_new
enabled liblensfun && require_pkg_config liblensfun lensfun lensfun.h lf_db_create
if enabled libmfx && enabled libvpl; then
die "ERROR: can not use libmfx and libvpl together"