configure: warn when threading is disabled

Explicitly state what the implications of this are.
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Anton Khirnov 2023-10-03 15:32:30 +02:00
parent ad3df6bf35
commit f9fdaa2ca9

configure vendored
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@ -7523,6 +7523,12 @@ check_deps $CONFIG_LIST \
enabled threads && ! enabled pthreads && ! enabled atomics_native && die "non pthread threading without atomics not supported, try adding --enable-pthreads or --cpu=i486 or higher if you are on x86"
enabled threads || warn \
"Threading support was disabled or is not available on the target platform." \
"This means that not only is this build not multi-threaded, but also" \
"that the libraries from this build MUST NOT be used in a multi-threaded"\
case $target_os in
disable memalign