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James Almer 9ed06a06b3
avformat/mov: don't abort on duplicate Mastering Display Metadata boxes
The VP9 spec defines a SmDm box for this information, and the ISOBMFF spec defines a
mdvc one. If both are present, just ignore one of them.
This is in line with clli and CoLL boxes.

Fixes ticket #10711.

Signed-off-by: James Almer <jamrial@gmail.com>
2024-04-05 22:06:19 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 6914129057
Revert "avcodec/hevc_ps: allocate only the required HEVCHdrParams within a VPS"
This reverts commit 456c8ebe7c.

Currently broken and causing playback glitches
2024-04-05 22:06:19 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes b58e7afc93
LAV: remove experimental flag from the vvc decoder 2024-04-05 22:06:19 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 143065960a
matroskadec_haali: migrate to new side data functions 2024-04-05 22:06:19 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 1deb754a00
Restore channel count/layout update flags
Partial revert of 65ddc74988
2024-04-05 22:06:19 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes e593d8b5c6
avcodec/av1: don't indicate success without returning a frame
Potentially fixes an assert in generic code down the line.
2024-04-05 22:06:19 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 0a7ad7e367
matroskadec_haali: parse track dispositions 2024-04-05 22:06:19 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 34fb20cce5
mov: parse track-based udta name tags 2024-04-05 22:06:19 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes fe34a033e5
dca: detect dts:x extensions in dts hd-hra tracks 2024-04-05 22:06:19 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 30279eaf07
HACK avformat: restore old framerate logic
The new logic produces inconsistent results for field-based codecs, the
old logic has been proven to work for years, so just stick to it.
2024-04-05 22:06:19 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes f007e92d8d
matroskadec_haali: fix stereo3d metadata parsing 2024-04-05 22:06:19 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 37b55ee08f
swresample: account for clip protection when determining the mixing matrix maximum 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 0507ea7061
avformat/ftp: send CLNT before enabling UTF8
This fixes UTF-8 filenames on some peculiar FTP servers.
2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 9ae5a9da59
MatroskaParser: check more allocations 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 340bfc3693
matroskadec_haali: fix stream indexing in mkv_read_seek 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 5bad4d8f39
matroskadec_haali: update for API changes 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes a553f29194
matroskadec_haali: remove av1 extradata offset 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 72c1068be4
matroskadec_haali: parse BlockAdditionalMappings 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes ed7e942c37
matroskadec_haali: fix use of AVIOContext 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 2a135a6970
HACK avformat: add LAV accessors to some internal data 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 8c867a5237
spdifenc: mark as NOFILE 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 3ec167afac
matroskadec_haali: update for ff changes 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 74fd9355b5
matroskadec_haali: use avpriv_update_cur_dts 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes d7781dbc03
matroskadec_haali: Support WebVTT parsing 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes a3fa646e76
MatroskaParser: parse block additional data
This is limited to frames without lacing, and only one block additional
per block
2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes cf4386d442
matroskadec_haali: Support Projection parsing 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes a3d2c9318c
MatroskaParser: improve duration retrieval with excessive subtitle cues at the end of the file 2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes d79a6a5d77
hls: fix seeking to timestamps earlier then the playlist start
Instead of failing, seek to the start of the playlist.
2024-04-05 22:06:18 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 50331b7c53
hevcdec: scale HDRPlus window coordinates 2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 25cb015389
HACK: avcodec/utils: don't error out on missing channel info, the decoders are not fixed for this yet 2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 7c01477bbf
MatroskaParser: more gracefully fail on files with more then 64 tracks
Instead of playback failing, excess tracks are skipped
2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes a860fd3c9b
dxva2/av1: add compat header 2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes e826331022
Update matroskadec_haali for API changes 2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 9626e2d908
h264dec: update x264_build in the user-facing context 2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes df29f1f893
matroskadec_haali: fix seeking in video files with only audio cues 2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 39dc456637
isom: no extradata in a mp4 descriptor is not an error 2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 29cbdc5ecd
LAV: Add .clang-format file to disable formatting 2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 7aeb959d0e
matroskadec_haali: work-around broken files with audio tracks without keyframe flags 2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 621b71fb3b
matroska: add new standard font mimetypes 2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 93368b9416
MatroskaParser: cleaner way of ensuring all data blocks are free'ed at all times 2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 66450100b1
matroskadec_haali: empty queues on close
The queues can in some situations still contain data thats not properly
free'ed elsewhere, so clear them on close to ensure no memory blocks are
being leaked.
2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 9501f37b91
matroskadec_haali: Free the data block in case of read errors
Read Errors can typically happen at EOF, or when stopping playback
prematurely, making this case more common then one might expect.
2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 7898b700b3
utvideodec: disable cached bitstream reader to fix decoding of packed streams
The cached reader is broken when using get_bits_le, disable it until
2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes c439c233ca
Revert "avcodec/vp9: Check in decode_tiles() if there is data remaining"
This reverts commit 78862488f8.

This change can disrupt the VP9 decoders ability to recover from badly
cut streams or other cases of missing references when using frame
2024-04-05 22:06:17 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes c798d3a381
matroskadec_haali: fix end_time adjustment on fluid ordered chapter transitions
The end_time should not get messed with if we're doing a fluid
(non-seek) transition, as this can commonly include subtitles that go
beyond the chapter boundary
2024-04-05 22:06:16 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes feba98fb50
matroskadec_haali: fix av1 extradata 2024-04-05 22:06:16 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes a22db39033
hwaccel: allow ad-hoc setup mode for d3d11 (hack) 2024-04-05 22:06:16 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 21669e0850
matroskadec_haali: FF_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE -> AV_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE 2024-04-05 22:06:16 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 8cf57455ba
hevc: don't pass dummy references to the hwaccel
Instead let the hwaccel deal with generating missing references. This
improves error resilience and works around a few bugs.
2024-04-05 22:06:16 +02:00
Hendrik Leppkes 173ac2c766
dxva2: support using D3D11 hwaccel with the old API 2024-04-05 22:06:16 +02:00